Melissa – Bee Cuff Bracelet


Melissa – Bee, a symbol of wisdom and diligence

  Melissa – Bee, has an important place in the Greek tradition and in the life of the Greeks. Specifically, it was said that the Nymphs Amalthea and Melissa, daughters of Melissae’s who were King of Crete, fed Jupiter with milk and honey,to grow up faster and to claim his place among Gods.

 Also Melisses – Bees were called the Priests of the Goddess Demetra with a natural symbol of the beehive.

 Especially evident is the use of the Melisses – Bee as a worship symbol from the Minoan but also the Mycenaean civilization. Tombs, as well as granaries, have been found in the shape of a vaulted cell.

  • Silver 925
  • 18K Gold high quality vermeil – durable to the time.


Charms Diameter : 2,1cm


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